samedi 15 septembre 2012

Liste d’athlètes connus qui utilisent ASEA

Gérard Louis Robert, champion cycliste sur piste 2012 utilise ASEA

James Lawrence, Professional Ironman Tri-Athlete (Competing in 30 Ironman in 2012 to set record)

Rich Roll, Professional Ironman Tri-athlete and voted one of the fittest men in America

Andrés Castillo, Professional Ironman Tri-athlete

Adam Biel, Endurance Athlete competing to break Pan-American Cycling Speed record

Cody Waite, Off-road Extrerra Tri-Athlete Craig Stanton, Motorsports Race Car Driver

Danny Bopp, NASCAR Driver

Josh Horowitz, Wonderful Pistachios Cycling Team

Diana McManus, US Masters Swimmer

Ragga Ragnars, Olympic swimmer from Iceland

Pour obtenir Aséa c'est ici

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